Personal Healing &
Spiritual Insight

Become the best version of yourself with help from Patricia.

Whether you're looking for relationship insights, career advice, or just want to know how your future will unfold, I can help.

- True Love Finders Reading
- Same Day Love Reading
- Clarify Unanswered Questions
- Career Opportunity Questions

If you believe your loved one is being unfaithful, I can use my abilities to find answers. If a loved one has blocked you on social media, I can remove the blockage.

We specialize in love spells, money spells and various other types of spells.

For all your spiritual needs.

All cleansings and rituals are customized to your needs.

About Enchanted Psychic

Hello and welcome! Patricia is inviting you for a life changing experience as she looks deeply into your life exploring your past, present, and future.

As a fifth-generation Supreme Psychic, Patricia is gifted with second sight to foresee everything you wish to know. Gifted as she is, she reads the energies of the moon and of the universe (which affects us all, mind body and soul).

Consult with her in a psychic session that will reveal your most special needs and concerns as she guides you to pursue the future that is waiting for you!
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Find Healing

The universe is waiting for you to take action. There are no coincidences. You’ve been guided here for a reason.

Do you have confusion? Fear? Doubt? Pain? Have you tried everything other psychics/spell casters and still not getting results?

I will remove subconscious blocks, spells, curses, negative emotions, childhood & current traumas, phobias, and fears. Don’t wait, call now.

All Are Welcome

Hello, my name is Patricia. I was born with the ability to speak with angels and spirit guides, enabling me to have intuitive and divine insights guiding others in connecting with their personal angel or past loved one. It’s now been over 30 years since I have been using my abilities to help others overcome:

  • Negative blockages
  • Heartbreak
  • Abuse
  • Confusion in their personal life

There is absolutely no question too big or small for me. I am 100% honest with my clients and will not sell you a fairytale. I feel my gift was given to me to help those in need and guide you to live your best life.

"It is my absolute joy to serve others with super-natural insights and alternative professional knowledge in a manner that is professionally ethical, personally empowering & therapeutically effective.

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Special Spells

I’m going to help make any man or woman devoted to you. All spells are cast by me only!! When you purchase your spell, I do all the work so you don’t need to do or say anything. After all, isn’t that why you are paying me!

My spells are high quality and 100% safe and infused with love. I offer many unique love spells/super spells. I can use love spells to strengthen your relationship, stop or prevent infidelity, bring lovers back to you, stop divorce, interference, arguing, or remove black magic. I can even stop and prevent social media cheating/flirting with my amazing protection and love spells. 😉

Call now for your love related advice or reading. Is he/she cheating? Is someone interfering? Do you want her/him back? Reach out to me now!